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Grades 9-12


Wastewater – Water that has been used.

Watershed – An area of land that drains water into a body of water.

Wetlands – Area where land does not drain well.

Catch Basin – A device that surface water may drain into.

Potable – Water that is safe to drink.

Hydrologist – A person who applies scientific knowledge and mathematical principles to solve water-related problems in society.

Hydrology – The study of water, its properties, its distribution and its effects on Earth’s environment.

Transpiration – The process in which water absorbed by the root systems of plants moves up through the plant, passes through pores in their leaves and other parts, and then evaporates into the atmosphere as water vapor.


Isotope Hydrology: The study of the Water Cycle by Joel R. Gat

Hydrology and Water Resources: A Comprehensive Questions and Answers Guide by C P Kumar