Leak Detection

Check for Leaks – Become a Water Detective!

Before you start searching for leaks, review the checklists below for some important tips and tricks.

Signs you may have a water leak

  1. You received a leak alert
    If you set your EyeOnWater leak alert, you will receive a leak notification if your water meter has recorded continuous water usage over the threshold you specified for a twenty-four-hour period. If you do not have an alert set, click here to learn more.
  1. You received a higher than usual water bill
    Visit your EyeOnWater account to review your usage graph during the same time last year to be certain that the spike is not caused by a seasonal change. If you are not currently an EyeOnWater user, click here.
  1. Your property has damage
    Customers often suspect leaks if they notice mold/mildew, musty odor, puddles/runoff in yard, dark wall/ceilings stains or damp drywall.

How much water is wasted with a leak?

Find out using this drip calculator. The results may surprise you!

Do I need to contact Jericho Water District if I receive a leak alert?

As a courtesy, we notified you that our meter reading software, Beacon, has detected continuous water flow for an extended period. If you are aware of this water usage, you can disregard the notification. If you are not aware of this water usage, it should be investigated by referring to the appropriate leak checklist above. If you cannot locate the leak, please contact a plumber or irrigation expert for assistance.

How do I know if I’m responsible for the leak or if Jericho Water District is responsible?

Property owners are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the water service for their property from the curb stop (located near the street property line) into their residence, including the meter pit.

Feel free to contact us at 516-921-8280 if you have any questions.