Fire Hydrants

How important is it to keep fire hydrants clear of shrubbery, snow and ice? Lives could depend on it!

If we all take ownership of the nearest hydrant and keep it clearly visible, everyone will be safer.

Plants and shrubbery can quickly grow in the spring and summer to surround fire hydrants and make them difficult to see and to access. In the winter, plows may inadvertently cover hydrants. Please help out and make a year-round commitment to keeping fire hydrants visible and clear of snow, shrubs and man-made obstructions. Every second counts in a fire emergency!

FYI, you’ll find two different hydrant color schemes in Jericho Water District, white domes and blue domes. Both types need your help.

Use of fire hydrants is restricted to the fire department, employees of Jericho Water District and authorized persons with a valid hydrant permit. Tree spraying vehicles, with a permit issued by the District, may only utilize blue-domed hydrants. Please notify the District at (516) 921-8280 if you see damaged or broken hydrants, or if you see hydrants being misused.