“To take anything for granted, is in a real sense, to neglect it and that is how most of us treat water.”

The need to conserve and to protect Earth’s greatest natural resource will never change, and we can all pitch in to help our planet. Jericho Water District aims to provide you with the resources and knowledge to help you conserve and manage your water – both at home and at your business. We need to work together to achieve sustainability and meet the mandate from New York State Department of Conservation to reduce water consumption.

Check your water footprint with this helpful calculator.

The District’s daily demand for potable water fluctuates greatly. Daily usage during the winter months is approximately 5 to 6 million gallons per day. That satisfies all of the water-related needs for all of our customers. During peak summer months, daily demand for water skyrockets to approximately 38 million gallons.

Water is one of the most precious resources, and yet it is often taken for granted simply because it is always there for us. Knowledge is power. The power to conserve and protect this resource is in all of our hands. Use it wisely.

Monitor Your Water Usage

World Water Day