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Grades K-2


Lake – A body of water surrounded by land.

Ocean – A large body of saltwater.

River – A large body of fresh water.

Rain – Liquid precipitation falling from clouds.

Snow – Precipitation in the form of small white ice crystals.

Sleet – Precipitation in the form of ice pellets.

Hail – Precipitation in the form of lumps of ice.

Water – Liquid that falls from clouds as rain.

Cloud – Tiny droplets of condensed water vapor.

Sun – A star that provides heat and light to the planets.

Water Cycle – The path water follows as it moves around the earth in different forms.


Drop: An Adventure through the Water Cycle by Emily Kate Moon

Chloe Cloud, Bring Me Some Rain by Divya Mohan (author), Harry Aveira (illustrator)

Agent H20 Rides the Water Cycle by Rita Goldner

Pearl the Raindrop: The Great Water Cycle Journey by Rana Boulos

Let’s Investigate with Nate #1: The Water Cycle by Nate Ball (Author), Wes Hargis (Illustrator)

Activities and Experiments

Make the Water Cycle with Legos: https://myprojectideas.com/how-to-make-water-cycle-with-lego/

Create a DIY Rain Gauge: https://www.mombrite.com/diy-rain-gauge/

Coloring Pages: https://groundwater.org/coloring-sheets/