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Jericho Water District is regularly updating our infrastructure so we can deliver the highest quality water to our consumers. Updates on our projects are below.

Wheatley Road Well/Tank Infrastructure Project

November 7, 2019

During the latter half of 2017, Jericho Water District’s Wheatley Road well/tank property underwent critical site improvements as Phase One of the Wheatley Tank replacement project. The existing 10-inch cast iron water main was undersized to meet future needs and was replaced with a new 16-inch, ductile iron water main. Ductile iron adds reliability and . . .

New Treatment Plant Construction Project

December 8, 2018

A major project currently underway is the construction of a treatment plant designed to remove volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and reduce nitrate levels at two wells in the East Birchwood section of Jericho. The location of the plant will be at the District’s Merry Lane facility. Along with installation of the treatment plant, both wells . . .