Winter Preparedness

Are you Ready for Winter?

Preparing your home for winter will help you avoid the expense, inconvenience and aggravation associated with frozen pipes. The following are some tried and true recommendations:

  1. Shut off outside spigots from inside the house. Open the faucet to drain the lines and leave the outside valve open.
  2. Disconnect and drain water hoses or bring them inside to prevent them from damage. This will prolong their lives.
  3. Ensure underground irrigation systems are turned off and winterized. This is better left to a professional who will remove any water and check for damage and broken heads.
  4. Insulate water pipes in unheated or under-heated areas to prevent freezing and subsequent thawing and bursting. Seal leaks in walls that allow cold air to reach interior pipes.
  5. Make sure meter pit covers are intact and securely locked down. Your meter pit cover should be level with the surrounding area and the meter should be 12 to 15 inches below to prevent freezing.
  6. If a pipe becomes frozen, bringing heat into that area should thaw it out gradually. While waiting for it to thaw, locate the shutoff valve for that pipe or the main valve for the house. When the ice in the pipe melts allowing water to pass, you may discover you have a leak likely caused by ice expanding in the pipe and splitting it. Plumber time! Shut off the valve and make your call.
  7. Snowbirds should contact a plumber to winterize their homes.