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Lawn Watering Ban Lifted: Board Requests 25% Water Reduction from all Consumers.

Background:  On July 9th, 2022, the Jericho Water District Board of Commissioners issued a “Stop Watering Your Lawn” mandate. This was a direct result of the lack of measurable rainfall over the previous 3 weeks, high temperatures and a critical treatment plant project falling victim to supply chain issues.

While the issues delaying the completion of that plant have not subsided significantly, there has been some rainfall in the form of heavy downpours. With this in mind, the Board of Commissioners have decided to lift the “Stop Watering Your Lawn” ban.

This is effective immediately.

25% Water Reduction: The Board is requesting that all residential and commercial consumers reduce the amount of watering time by 25%.

Instructions and Map: The Board also requests that all consumers follow the watering instructions found on the Jericho Water District’s website, www.jerichowater.org. The interactive map will help you determine when you can water.

Thank You: Water is a precious commodity and should be used with the utmost care. The Board of Commissioners thanks you for your cooperation.