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Meter Change Out Program

Jericho Water District currently has approximately 19,000 individual water services. Water meters on these services range in age, size, manufacturer as well as the way that they are read. For the most part, readings are collected by District personnel on a quarterly basis by physically visiting each location and taking a direct visual reading of the register or using a device that requires manual contact with the meters register that collects the reading into a handheld device.

In order to maintain an efficient and reliable meter reading and billing system for the residents and consumers of Jericho Water District, a pilot study was undertaken in the summer of 2016 utilizing Badger Meter’s AMR (Advanced Meter Reading) smart meter technology. The pilot study replaced 150 of the District’s older manual read meters with new cellular (“smart meters”). The registers on these new smart meters are connected to a cellular endpoint which sends fifteen-minute increment data once a day to the meter reading software stored in the cloud. This data can be both accessed by the District as well as the consumer through the EyeOnWater® website and application. Residents can monitor their water usage and establish leak alerts through the app. The District encourages residents to take advantage of this opportunity and become an active participant in the monitoring of their water use.

In the fall of 2017, the Board of Commissioners authorized additional funding to expand the original pilot study. In the summer of 2018, the Board of Commissioners approved and adopted a Bond Petition to the Town of Oyster Bay to fund the District’s Meter Change Out program to complete a mass change out of the District to cellular meters over a three-year period.

The District currently has over 9,000 of these meters in the ground to date. District personnel are working through neighborhoods one at a time to complete this project per the timeline set forth. All District employees have clearly marked District Vehicles, uniforms and photo identification. Typically, the upgrade of your water meter should take no more than an hour to complete. While the meter is being changed out, you will experience a temporary disruption in water service.

Appointments will be made for meters located indoors. You will be contacted by letter if the District has been unable to change your inside meter. Prior to scheduling your appointment, please make sure that the meter is fully accessible, giving a minimum of two (2’) feet of clearance on all sides. It cannot be “boxed in” by sheetrock or any other material. The valves on either side of the meter must be fully functioning, capable of shutting off the water to the structure and isolating the meter.

Within a month of your meter being installed, you will receive a letter from the District with instructions on how to log into the EyeOnWater® website and application.