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No Watering Alert – July 9, 2022 Until Further Notice

Dear Jericho Water District Customer:

This is an important message from the Superintendent of the Jericho Water District to our customers. Due to a prolonged period without sufficient rainfall, which looks to continue throughout this week and next, we are experiencing unprecedented demand for water. The supply chain issues that we have all been experiencing, have prevented the District’s completion of a critical treatment plant project in the Brookville area, resulting in three Wells still currently out of commission. On Saturday, July 9th, 2022, by order of the Board of Commissioners, a “No Watering” alert was issued and a water emergency declared.

All consumers are required to stop the use of water for anything other than personal and domestic use. Above-ground and/or automatic lawn sprinklers must be turned OFF until further notice. For more information and FAQs on this alert click here

We are asking all of our customers to help immediately by assisting in our conservation efforts. Please take this time to make sure you are signed up for EyeOnWater® monitoring, review your consumption graphs and make sure that you have leak alerts set. If you receive a leak alert from EyeOnWater® or suspect you have a leak, please take the necessary steps to investigate and rectify the leak in a timely manner.  EyeOnWater® can be a key water conservation tool if used to it’s full advantage. For more information on EyeOnWater® and how to sign up and set your leak alerts, click here.

Rest assured your water is safe to drink!  The water emergency we are currently experiencing does not affect the quality of water served to our consumers.  JWD abides by all local, state, and federal requirements to supply safe potable water to our consumers.  The water delivered to your homes and businesses undergoes strict testing standards set forth by these agencies.

With your help we can preserve our most precious resource and ensure that there is plenty of water to address emergencies.

Thank you for your cooperation.