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Public Notice: Public Hearing on the Proposed Revenues and Expenses for 2024

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, pursuant to Town Law §215, a public hearing will be held at District Headquarters located at 125 Convent Road, Syosset, Long Island, New York, on Thursday, September 7, 2023 at 9:00 am for the purpose of conducting a hearing on the proposed revenues and expenditures of the District for the 2024 fiscal year. A copy of the proposed revenue and expenditures will be made available to the public at District headquarters prior to the hearing date.



A public meeting will also be held at the time and place noticed above wherein the District will conduct such regular and other business which is properly brought before the Board of Commissioners.

By Order of the Board of Water Commissioners of the Jericho Water District.




Dated: Syosset, New York

August 11, 2023

View the PDF of the Notice here.