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Reminder: Sprinkling Regulations in Effect

Summer irrigation quadruples average monthly water demand. In order to meet the water needs of all our communities, summer irrigation demand must be reduced, especially at peak early morning hours. Therefore, water conservation is a must.

This plan is in effect permanently for this lawn sprinkling season and going forward for future years.

Please refer to this new irrigation schedule and our interactive map >>

Download a PDF of our Watering Bulletin.

Remember, here are 4 important ways you can help us get through this rough time and avoid water shortages.

  1. Cut back watering times for each zone by 5 minutes. This will save 20% or more on overall usage.
  2. Follow the time schedule for your watering zone. See map and legend below.
  3. Always follow Nassau County’s Odd/Even Watering Ordinance
    -No watering between 10 AM and 4 PM
    -Odd numbered homes water only on odd numbered days
    -Even and non-numbered homes water only on even numbered days
  4. Always check for broken sprinkler heads or leaks that waste water.

Thank you for your cooperation and for being part of the solution!